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    Unanswered: IBM UniVerse v.10 and PHP4 on Linux?

    I have a redhat 9 box with php4, as my webserver.

    I need to connect to an IBM UniVerse v.10 database.

    Can anyone offer any insight on how to get started?
    I would assume I have to possiblely recompile php, and get some drivers, and then Use a different syntax..

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Question IBM UniVerse Personal edition on Linux

    HI, I need to test IBM UniVerse Personal edition on my Linux distro on a x86 machine; according to IBM, RedHat distro is supported, so I'm thinking about CENTOS as a free choice instead of fedora. But I can't find a guide for installing on RedHat
    Has somebody installed UniVerse on RHEL or CENTOS and giveme a clue?
    Thanks a lot.

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