I'm trying to add a form of application progress monitoring to a database. Basically, an application can go through a number of stages -- at each stage the application can be passed or failed (with one or two having an extra stage in there).

I've tried to go about designing this thing, but I just can't get it implemented successfully and it's starting to drive me mad.

Effectively, at the moment, I have a table for the stages of an application, and another storing the options within each stage (Pass/Fail etc.). Then, within the Access form I have a tabbed page for each stage, and a drop-down within it to choose success/fail.

I'd like to be able to store the data as a kind of audit trail - with dates + notes when the application progress is modified. Another table is used to store the application's identifier, and it's stage/progress/notes/date etc. A new row is then added when it's modified. However, I need a way to see the date etc. when it was modified for any previous stage.

I'm beginning to think it would've been easier to just build this in Visual C# Anyway, I suspect I'm just going to have to code it manually.

The main aim of this post was to ask if anyone has done anything similar, any suggestions about how to go about doing it etc.?