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    Unanswered: Implementing Lookup Table Form

    I've got a lookup table that identifies whether the entity is a child of one of two parent entities.

    Child ------< Lookup >------ Parent 1
    Child ------< Lookup >------ Parent 2


    The idea is that a child can only be the child of either Parent 1 or 2.

    Basically, I need to have a form that allows the Child table to be populated, adding the relevant stuff to the lookup so that its then linked correctly.

    Ideally, the Child form should be a sub-form within the one for the parent, so that children can be added whilst editing the parent.

    Once again, all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Implementing Lookup Table Form

    You have several options; take a look at the DB Explorer solution, maybe you can copy that idea.
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