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    Unanswered: Advice on a new project, please

    New Project time. I work at a printer and we need to schedule jobs in half-hour blocks from 8 am to 5 pm, upwards to three days in advance. We have six printers that can, with time out for paper replacement and project rolling, spit out 350 sheets per hour. It needs to be placed on our network in such a way that upwards to ten people in three departments (intake, production and shipping/delivery) can make notations and those notations will register almost immediately (the program will be open on each of our desktops). Jobs which are not marked as complete by an hour after their due time should be moved to a pending section. Each morning (or afternoon) a new day will have to be created (from a template?).

    I have looked at alternatives to Access for this project. Microsoft Project doesn't--easily--go to small enough time increments. Excel isn't network friendly enough for us to leave it open. But I'm open to suggestions.

    How much of this can be automated? Should a new table be created for each day? Or can the database be designed to roll over the template based on the system clock? Possibly a more realistic question: Am I nuts?

    This idea is just in the planning stages. I hope to work on it in earnest next week and put a prototype up by the first of September.

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    Recource Planning

    This is a quite standard Resource Planning problem. I implemented a solution once.

    Your resources (6 printer) have to planned in time with your jobs. So, you need at least three tables:

    * Printer (with their capabilities)
    * Jobs (with their requirements)
    * Planning (relation between Printer and Job)

    This structure is quite static; you don't need to create tables for every day!

    You present your planning in a matrix: printers vertically, time horizontally and your jobs on the intersections. Add management of printers and jobs, and you have your solution!
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