This one is downright rude. I made some modification somewhere that made this thing stop functioning. I checked it against an old version and its identical from what I can see. Need some fresh ideas on what to look for:

For ease of assist heres some generic names..

Form: A
Combo: B (contains the VID)
Append Query: C
Update Query: D
MainTable: E
SAPVendorTable: F
MyVendorTable: G
VID: (Vendor ID in Main Table E)
CRID: (main identifier for my db)

The macro does the following steps:

1. Runs C from table F on a couple of fields into table G (based on the VID in B)

'the table F is too big to link to and combined with our network slows down opening the main form which is why I had to add a separate table G specific for this system.

3. Macro then runs D based on the VID in and then checks the CRID for the worksheet in order to know what record to update.

'It basically puts the VID number in E for the specific worksheet.

4. Requeries the subform data.

This was working before I get a lovely message stating the record has been changed by another user since I started editing it. the wierd thing is I can run the append or the update...I just can't run both back to back anymore.

Any clues on what to look for? I have tried just about everything I can short of returning to an old version and updating it, which I desperately dont want to do because its miles back.