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    Unanswered: Help me i'm lost...

    Going crazy here and desperate for some help if possible...

    Have to say these forums are top rate and have really helped me get to grips with designing a DB from scratch...which is pretty good going as a total VB and Access newbie

    Got most of my probs ironed out but still having a major headache trying to figure out how to create a form that allows me to search multi criteria

    My DB consists of 5 tbls


    a common key for all is the DID# (unique PK for Dealers) for every dealer there can be many Work Requests or Admin Details.

    Admin can consist of Install, Hardware, Software, Network and Admin status can be Open, Closed, Escalated finally each Admin detail will consist of the Date the Admin was carried out...each Admin Detail has unique Job# (autonumber-PK).

    Work requests consists of SalesRep requesting, DID#, Dealer and Date of Request...each request has unique ID# (autonumber-PK).

    Searched the forums and found some info but cant put into practice how I might create a form that would allow me to search for the above details?

    i.e: A form that would allow me to search for all Admin carried out between dates A and B that has a staus of 'closed' or 'open' or Admin for a certain Dealer by DID# and so on...
    Alternatively a search for all requests by a certain Sales Rep between dates or by Dealer ID (DID#)

    And of course the real big question is how to combine the to retrieve all Admin and Work Requests between dates for a Dealer by DID#

    Cant find anything that exactly fits the bill any pointers to where I might look or any examples to follow would be a god send at this point in time, my coding aint exactly up to much at the moment but willing to give it my best

    If the above was a little confusing have included a cut-down version of my DB to have a look at.

    Any help really appreciated folks

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