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    Unanswered: Connecting to SQL Server from diffrent platform, Please HELP!!!


    This is second time that I ask this question in this forum but there was no answer last time I did this

    What I have to do if I want to connect to MS SQL Server 2000 installed on Windows 2000 when I write a Visual Basic program on a Windows 98?
    I mean, If I install a MS SQL Server 2000 on Windows 2000, and I want to connect to server with a Visual Basic programm that I write on a computer with Windows 98 operating system, I got "ACCESS DENIED" error
    What I have to do to make it works?

    Please help me about this problem, any Idea or article, web site and etc. you think it can help me!

    Thanks again for you attention

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    Can you give some more details. How do you connect, are your logins correct etc. From your post it's impossible to know what the exact problem is.

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    if you have access to where the db's are located the easiest way is to just create a .udl file in it and then you can gui wise select your driver and all that, it then creates the connection string for you when you open it in wordpad

    you can see this everywhere, msdn,wrox books, teacher pass it off as their own too, this method has no origin because people always rip it off VERBATIM and never say where they got it from, *shrug*

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    Re: Connecting to SQL Server from diffrent platform, Please HELP!!!

    You've got response to your first question.

    The "Access denied" error may be caused by the missing DCOM functionality (ADO works with ActiveX objects, which are communicating with (D)COM.
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