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    Unanswered: Accessing layout in indirect linked table??

    Coming from a background of relational databases, I do understand the concept of relationships. But in FileMaker, I am experiencing a challenge of which I hope someone on this forum can help me with.

    I've got three tables:
    Table A
    - ID_A
    - <other fields>

    Table B
    - ID_B
    - <other fields>

    Table LinkAB
    - ID
    - ID_A
    - ID_B
    - Calc_fromA
    - Calc_fromB

    Presume I have selected a record in Table A and use a portal to display the calculated fields. What I now want is to be able to click on a line in the portal, which brings me to a specific layout from Table B (of course, by using ID_B from Table LinkAB). I also don't mind to have a button to bring me to the selected layout from Table B.

    Is there anyone who can solve this mystery for me, so I can live happily with FileMaker forever?



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    Go to related record

    You can use the function go to related record. You then specify the relationship that points to the file you want.

    Hope that helps.

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