I am trying to develop an Invoice for my system. The invoice has a page header with all the details of customer and invoice. Then there is a 'Job Part' section with all the parts which make us the invoice (ie services provided). Then there is a 'Job Part' footer which gives postage charges. In the page footer I have a section to show the totals for services/VAT etc. This section is set to show only when me.page = me.pages (ie the last page of the report).

The problem I have is that i want a subreport which is basically a list of certain parts of the job (a list of 'Specials'), so that whichever specials a customer has selected they are shown as a list in this section. This all works perfectly except when the list of specials is large, and the list spreads onto a next page. In this case the report totals still show on the first page and not on the second. When I check the values of me.pages I see that it thinks there is just 1 page. I presume this is because of the subreport being 'formatted' after the main report but i dont know what to do about it. I can post the relevant parts of the database if anyone would be willing to take a look!!