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    Unanswered: Access DB in multiuser enviroment

    I am using access in multiuser enviroment , typically about 6-9 users , the db got corrupted almost every hour
    the db was in 97 access format & then converted to 2000 format , i am using office xp , with the latest jet sp , thanks in advance

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    Re: Access DB in multiuser enviroment

    What is your question?

    I'm also using Access databases 97 and 2K in multi-user environments (about 10 users) over several years, and the only time, the DB got corrupted, was caused by no more disk space.

    Why do you think, that your DB is corrupted? Did you really convert your 97 database onto 2000, or are you running your 97 database under 2000? Did you already try to compress / repair your database?

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    1. Split the database:
    -back up your original file
    - create a new mdb file
    -import all queries, forms, reports, macros and modules from the original one
    -LINK all tables from the original one
    You have now a front-end/back-end system

    2. Decompile the front end (the new mdb file):
    msaccess.exe /decompile "C:\Path\FrontEndName.mdb"

    3. Compact the back end (the original file)

    4. Open the front end file, open a module (anny one, even a new one), go to Debug-Compile project

    Post back if it doesn't solve the problem. A description would be great (does it crash on specific workstations, on specific objects...)

    Good luck


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