Using Access 2000 SR1, adp (Access project) as frontend and SQL Server 7.0 as backend.
In my Form_Load() event, I used to do this to set the uniqueTable property to tblProduct:

Me.UniqueTable = "tblProduct"

It worked fine as long as I logged in as 'sa' which points to 'dbo' (I think).
When I tried to login as 'normaluser' which isn't dbo, I got an error, because Access tried to set
"normaluser.tblProduct" as uniqueTable which I understand, because that doesn't exist.

So I changed my code to

Me.UniqueTable = "dbo.tblProduct"

This works fine as long as I log in as a "normal" user except dbo. Now, when I try to login as dbo,
I also get an error and can't set the uniqueTable.

I guess Access doesn't like the owner prefix when I'm dbo, but requires it when I'm not dbo.
Has anyone a suggestion how to get access to accept the dbo prefix even when I am dbo (maybe some kind of option
"Always request owner prefix when accessing objects" or something)

What I don't want is to check for the username in VBA each time I want to set the uniqueTable property.

Thanks very much in advance, I hope someone at least had the same problem.