I have this problem (that I thought a common problem...): I have a OLAP cube with a time dimension (year - quarter - month, the start of the year is October 1st and not January 1st but this is not the problem).
For each month I have a value related to that month.
Then this measure is displayed using OWC10 PivotTable.
I'd like to have a calculated total that cumulates the values for each month giving a cumulative value BUT using only the filtered members.

For example:
Oct '02 value 10
Nov '02 value 5
Dec '02 value 2
If I don't filter I expect 10, 15 and 17 as cumulated values, but if I exclude for Oct '02 I expect 5 and 7 and not 15 and 17.

How can I determine in the MDX for the calculated member which members of my time dimension are filtered ?

Many many thanks!