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Thread: ODBC DB2 Error

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    Unanswered: ODBC DB2 Error

    I'm getting an error within Crystal Report when trying to access a remote DB2 OS/390 database.

    I'm using IBM UDB 7.2 on Win2K. Crystal Reports is v 8.5

    The error is:

    ODBC Error [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2] SQL0551N "MYID" does not have the priviledge to perform operation "BIND" on object "SSA_DB2E.NULLID.SQLLF402", SQLSTATE=42051

    This happens when I use the Crystal Data Explorer to access a table (ie SSA_DB2E.XXXXXX.XXXXX) using the ODBC option. If I select the "More Data Sources" then "DB2 Server" option in Crystal Data Explorer, I'm able to get to the table. Note that I can access other DBs (both Win2K and OS/390) using ODBC. Any ideas/pointers/tips are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, Jon

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    Re: ODBC DB2 Error

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