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    Unanswered: Add # around dates

    I have two times called StartTime and EndTime in my query in the format of 2:00:00AM.
    I need to pass them to a module called Time Calculation that requires the format
    I don't know how to get the # and - to pass it to a function from my query. Can anyone help?

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    how about this

    at the end of your first function do the folowing :

    dim x as string
    x = '(#' & StartTime & '# - #' & EndTime & '#)'

    ' then call

    ElapsedTime (x)

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    Re: Add # around dates

    You should consider to use the DateDiff() function! It requires datetime values as you already have, and it allows you to specify your result in seconds, minutes or whatever.

    To tranform a datetime variable into a string, you should use the format() function!
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