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    Unanswered: ToggleButtons

    Question, I have a ToggleButton that I use to hide checkboxes, this is the code I have on the the ToggleButtons Click event;
    Check1.Visible = False
    Check2.Visible = False
    Check3.Visible = False

    On what event property of the toggle button do I use to make these checkboxes visible again? And if so, would I just change the False to True, in the code?

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    You will still use the click event.

    You need to check if the toggle button is "in" or "out"

    If togglebutton.Value = True then 'The button is in
    Check1.Visible = True
    Check2.Visible = True
    Check3.Visible = True
    else 'the button is out
    Check1.Visible = False
    Check2.Visible = False
    Check3.Visible = False
    end if
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