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    Question Unanswered: Backup - Restore Process

    Hi all.

    I'm a newbie user of sqlserver. I need that my application make a table backup to send this file by mail to other users and then each one Restore this file in your database ( only the new information not all table )

    I can create the Backup File but i don't now how restore this file in others database.

    You can help me.

    Thank in Advance

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    If the target server is on your network you could simply use an insert with a NOT in command.

    If it is not on your network, you could use DTS to create a text file, ftp or email them the file, have them import the file into a staging table, then do their NOT in command with the insert, something like this

    insert into targettable select * from stagingtable where [primary key] not in (select [primary key] from targettable)

    Ray Higdon MCSE, MCDBA, CCNA

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