I'm using oracle 8.1.6 on Sun Solaris8. I'm tryin to set up a hot standby database server, but it seems as if my standby server is "hung".

I started the standby instance (no mount).....mounted the standby database.....and issued the recovery command (recover managed standby database).....I did all of this in sqlplus (if that makes a difference)

The v$log_history on both servers is the same...however, it sqlplus screen still looks like it's trying to recover something, and the alert log on the standby server shows:

ALTER DATABASE RECOVER managed standby database
Mon Aug 25 18:55:47 2003
Media Recovery Start: Managed Standby Recovery
Media Recovery Log
Media Recovery Waiting for thread 1 seq# 11

Thread 1 seq# 11 isn't available yet on the primary......why is the starndby trying to recover it?????