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    Unanswered: Login Screen / Security

    I developed a good bit in Access when it was new, but have been away for quite a few years and am now back. So I have a basic question.

    Back in the old days, the Access security model was very difficult to master, and we usually would avoid it and simply create our own tblUsers (with password column) along with a welcome login form to validate the user into the system. This userID could then be used to stamp records with a "modified by" value. The database would be secured with basic security to keep users from getting to the forms, etc. (this was long before MDE files).

    Is it best to somehow utilize Access's security system for user login or do people still create their own login screens?

    One desired ability is for the user site administrator to be able to add/change/delete users, and I'm not fond of the user site going into these menus.

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    Don't worry-- I've made my own security system for a database in Access 2000. Unfortunately, I don't know enough of the ins and outs of Access so I'm afraid it's rather clunky, but I'll attach the database in a future reply to this post (I don't have it with me).

    The security on this DB not only allows for user validation, but an administrator can get in and modify forgotten passwords. I'm sure there are easier, more elegant (and more secure) ways to do this, but it's a start.


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