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    Unanswered: linked server problem

    I am facing this problem for partitioned views in sql server.

    First I use the sp_addlinedserver command to add a server instance S2 into S1 and vice-versa on machine M

    then I create two tables T1 and T2 in S1 and S2

    When I issue the command on lets say S1 to create a view from
    S1.pubs.dbo.T1 and S2.pubs.dbo.T2, it doesn't

    Message says Server does not exist or access denied

    If I try to include machine name as M\S1.pubs.dbo.T1 it says a syntax error at \.

    Could not find any online help as well. Kindly help

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    Two tips:

    Your syntax for machine name should be:



    As for the linked server, you probably need to also run sp_addlinkedsrvlogin after sp_addlinkedserver to set up the proper security context to the linked server.


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