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    Post Unanswered: unable to import file from access to excel

    workstation has Win2k and office 2k on it. customer opening access databse on shared network drive written in 97. databse opens, yet option to get external data grayed out. had to load access 97 in addition ot office 2k products. now customer gets option to load external data, selects import, select file to import to, but now the type of files option only will display access and odbc databses. loaded excel 97 and still do not receive any other file types. checked odbc data sources and excel xls file type is there.

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    Re: unable to import file from access to excel

    Try reinstalling MDAC. Here is the link to download verison 2.5 sp3 which includes jet and excel drivers.

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    Cool Otherwise try this

    There is an other option to export to excell, if it isent grayed out allso,

    Tools -> Office links -> Analyze it with MS excell

    PS if you reinstall MDAC be sure to reinstall the patch for Mdac 2.5 and higher see / downloads for instructions and info

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