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    Red face Unanswered: postgres and asp

    is possible access a database in postgres on linux by asp page? it forgives my english.

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    Thumbs up ODBC, DLL

    The only way I know you could access Pgsql Db via ASP is to set an odbc:
    - Your Pgsql Linux host must enable ODBC (by default).
    - download and install PgsqlOdbc.
    - Make a DSN string connection to your Pgsql databse.
    - Access to the databse using the connection string.
    (example : cns.ConnectionString = "ODBC;DATABASE=widadia;uid=user;pwd=mypassword;DSN =widadia")
    then your asp skills !
    the code could be similar to the vb code

    => you'll find some good examples

    The alternatif method is to try to use th pgsql dll to get native access , but this last depends in your host.

    Good luck !
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    There is another way (still this could be a little bit harder). Make some utility classes and try to use the FE/BE protocol.This is much safer and it can offer the advantage you need to install nothing on the client machine(which can be the web server in your case). A very good smaple of how can you do something like this u will find implemented in the npgsql managed provider from gborg.

    Best wishes,

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