Hello, I use mS ACCESS 2002 on windows XP,

I want to automate the importation of multiple text files but an error occurs when I run my Import text macro based on the text transfer action. Indeed, Access asks me to choose the format (I use french version sorry, it's the second row from top in the arguments of the text transfer action, maybe it's named "Specification Name" I dunno...) from a list but I get an empty list, therefore I don't know what to put...

I created a "schema.ini" file in the same folder as my txt file but Access doesn't seem to use it... How can I tell it to do so or more simply, how can I make it work?????

My fields are delimited with "µ" as I was sure this sign would'nt appear anywhere in my text file. There are commas and spaces therefore Access was gonna create thousands of fields...

I am in a dead end!!!
Here's my schema.ini code maybe it can help!!!
CharacterSet = ANSI
Format = Delimited(µ)
Col1=Numéro Integer
Col2=Contact Person Memo
Col3=Collaboration Memo
Col4=Target Partner Memo
Col5=Organisation Memo
Col6=URL Memo
Col7=Organisation Memo
thanks to anyone who can help