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    Unanswered: large pool size and few more quires

    When the large_pool_size to be increased.

    Is it good to have one big tablespace or many small tablespace

    How to find the actual shared_pool_size required

    I am trying to insert 100 million record in a table of two int column it is getting struck up after 30 million rec. I have enough tablespace. what I need to do for this.


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    100 million inserts ???

    do you really have to do 100 million inserts in ONE transaction, meaning - either all 100 million are in the table or NONE at all - if you have to rollback ???

    your real problem might then be in the "rollback segments / tablespaces" and i would deeply recommend to use to concept of "savepoints"

    have a detailled look at the documentation at:

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