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    Arrow Unanswered: Help with data access page form

    Hello, I am new here but I think this forum will be so incredibly useful in my work!

    I have a rather minor problem that I can't seem to find help for and I would really appreciate it if anyone might have an answer. At work, I have created an Evaluation Form, using a data access page and an Access database, which the user fills out whenever they complete a technical course. In the form, when they choose the name of the course from the dropdown list, two other fields should automatically populate themselves - one field that shows how credits that class is worth, and another field that shows a list of "deliverables" - items that you must have completed to turn in to demonstrate your understanding of the course. So again, the course name field is a dropdown list and the 'Credit' and 'Deliverable' fields are read-only lists. At the end of the form, the submit button is to send all of the information back to our database.

    On the data access page, while creating the dropdown list using the wizard, it only allows me to link the Course Name field to one other control, so if I link it to the Credit field, it will display the appropriate credit when a course name is chosen. All of the information is updating the database as planned, however, the problem comes in that the Course Name field does not update for some reason.

    Since it is linked to the Credit field, the Control Source must be 'Credit'. If I make the control source 'Course Name', it will update this field in the database, but that essentially breaks the link to the other control on the data access page.

    I tried grouping, but that makes the page Read Only so the user can't fill anything out. I have a separate table that contains these three fields, Course Name, Credit, and Deliverables, so it is pulling the info from this table and inputting it into the master database.

    Do I need to somehow hard code the Course Name control to both update the database with the user's selection and populate the other fields? Of course, I'm using Wizards since I don't quite know how to type the string in manually.

    I don't know ASP or Visual Basic - do you think it might be necessary to learn one of those in order to make this work?
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