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    Unanswered: query help please

    Hello everybody

    I need to built a query to fetch the emails for which the newsletter2 is not sent and the emails which are not bounced more than 4 times.

    ( I am using mysql 4.1 version which supports subqueries)

    The tables are



    emails -------------------------news_id


    mail_id ------------------------limit

    The query has to retrieve the emails from sent_mails for which the newsletter2 ( news_id is 2) is not sent so far and the emails should not include the ids which are bounced greater than or equal to 4

    The result should be
    should not be included since it is already received newsletter2.

    Eventhough the email did not receive the newsletter2 since it is bounced 4 times even that should be excluded from the result.

    Can anybody help to resolve the problem?
    Thanks in advance

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    I resolved the problem. Thanks for everyone who tried to solve this

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