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    Question Unanswered: Changing the Users Password...

    Hello All...I am brand new here, and sorry if this question has already been asked, but I did search, and did not find the answer.

    I am running DB2 version 7 on AIX, and I have a custom VB app that is connecting to the database. My users passwords expire every 30 days, and instead of just alerting the users that the password has expired, and force them to go to a mainframe session to change their password, I would like to open a dialog box, get their new password, and update it on the database for them?

    I can do this is SQL Server using the "Alter user" command? I know there is the "CONNECT TO" command in DB2, but when I send that as a SQL statement, I get the error: [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0118E Invalid SQL syntax. SQLSTATE=37000.

    Thanks for any assistance that can be provided.
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