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    Unanswered: Configure Linked Server for MySQL in SQL Server Enterprise Manager

    Hi. I am trying to find info on how to configure a Linked Server to a MySQL database using SQL Server's Enterprise Manager. I need to know what to put into the various fields; particularly on the 'General' tab. On the Linked Server's General tab I tried putting a DSNless ODBC string in the Provider String :
    "DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};SERVER=xxserver;Port=3306;DATABASE=xxdatab
    ase;UID=xxUserID;PWD=xxpswd;Option=131072;DS=dbo;" . This string works fine when I use it for ASP pages connecting to MySQL databases. In the Enterprise Manager I see a listing of the tables for the database I put in, but I get errors when querying, etc. Also, I am not seeing a Schema when I use some "sp" procedures to "see" the MySQL meta data.


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    did you ever sort this out? I just joined the list to try and find the same answer! However i did get this to work from within Query Analyzer:

    SELECT *
    FROM OPENQUERY(systemdsnname, 'SELECT * FROM remotetablename')

    Now i just need to get the INSERT to work! I still don't understand why i can't use simply 'SELECT * FROM systemdsnname.tablename' format, like i can if i link another sqlserver db, but it's something to do with the odbc driver. I'd be happy if i could get the OPENQUERY method to work with an INSERT. ANy ideas anyone?

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