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    Unhappy Unanswered: Installing Oracle 9i /Personal - O/S Windows XP


    I have installed Oracle 9i /personal ver: 9.2.0 and use Windows XP Home as my O/S.

    In trying to logon to SQL*Plus I keep getting the error msg: ORA-12560: protocol adapter error. This happens when I use the default logon of scott/tiger and when I try system/manager.

    I have been told by others that I have to turn on my "listner" in Windows XP to correct this error. Is this true and if so how do you do it?

    Has anyone else had this problem and did you find a solution?

    Thank you
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    Please check according to the following procedure and let me know where things start to go wrong.

    Use controlpanel services to check if the OracleService<SID> is started. (SID is the identifier given to the database during creation). If it's not running, start it.

    Try and connect to the database without using SQLNet. To do this open a command prompt and issue the following commands:

    set oracle_sid=<SID>
    sqlplus /nolog
    SQL> connect sys as sysdba

    SQL> select * from v$instance;

    If this works ok. Then the database is up and running.

    Let's assume it works.

    Now check the listener by issuing the following command:

    lsnctl status

    This should tell you, amongst many other things, it's listening for your database.

    Now try the connection to the listener:

    tnsping <constr>

    <constr> is the connectstring which you can find in the tnsnames.ora ($ORACLE_HOME/network/admin).

    If it works try to connect using sqlplus from the command prompt:

    sqlplus system/manager@<constr>


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