I have a piece of software that I am demo'ing, it runs on Windows and it stores its information in an .mdb file. I would like to integrate this software to use MySQL as opposed to the .mdb file. I have some MySQL experience, I know enough to get me in trouble but for the most part I can do what I need to do with it. If anyone has any information on how I can do this or any recommended readings that I can take a look at it would be greatly appreciated.

I briefly discussed this with someone who had a vastly superior knowledge of databases in general than I expect I ever will and thus a lot of what he had told me went right over my head. A little bit about the conversation that I can remember was something about an ODBC connection which is a term that I am not familiar with. I have seen it in print (which was how I knew to capitalize it) but that is about the extent of my knowledge of it. There was also another thing I took from the conversation but I don't know if this was regarding the ODBC connection or if this was a possible alternate solution. He mentioned something about an mdb file which basically just acted as a link between the software that I'm using and MySQL. As he was talking about it it reminded me of a UNIX symbolic link (I'm a bit of a UNIX nut) which I pointed out to him and he said that was a reasonably good analogy.

I wish I could have picked his brain some more and I really wish that I could have understood what he was saying to me but I'm hoping that with this information maybe someone here can put me on the right path and possibly even explain what this kind gentleman was trying to explain to me. I bumped into this guy at Barnes and Nobles and we got to talking about things, he was a really nice guy and is probably a member here as he was kind enough to give me this URL.