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    Need help getting netasst to work

    I am running Oracle 8i ver 8.1.7 on Linux 8.0 and can not seem to be able to run the netasst utility. I can however run the rest of them but I desparately need to get netasst to work. I have read that their is a know issue with it but I am sure by now it must have been fixed but I cant seem to find anyone or any post discussing this issue. If someone can please help me with this I would deeply appreciate it.

    Thank you for your time!!

    I am a new member here so am not familair with most of it but if you can help me please send to my email the solution in a very clear and concise manner so that we dont have to go back and forth.

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    I also met problem like yours, and I do ...

    If net assistent don't start under GUI change the last line in $ORACLE_HOME/bin/netasst:
    $JRE -classpath $CLASSPATH
    $JRE -nojit -classpath $CLASSPATH

    Kill your stalled JAVA prcesses by killall -9 jre.

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