Hi there !!
I am getting the error message when i try to copy SQL database tables from remote server to mine local server. I got the below mention error message when copying of the tables start after selecting the third option i.e Copy SQL Objects, from the DTS menu.

The error i am getting is...

Specify table copy or query Got error : "Failed to copy objects from microsoft sql server to microsoft sql server".

Details of the error are :

Invalid OLEVERB Structure
[Microsoft][odbc SQL Server driver][Shared Memory] General Network Error. Check your Network documentation.
[Microsoft][odbc SQL Server driver][Shared Memory] Connection Open [Preloginhandshake()]

When i opt the first options i.e. Copy SQL Tables, I am getting this error message..

[DBNET LIB][Connection Open {Preloginhandshake()}]General Network Error. Check your Network documentation.

Earlier the same setting works absolutely fine. With some reason, i have to format my hard disk and relaod the whole stuffs again. This is the begining of the error i am getting.

Can any one eloborate, what the error means and how i get rid of them? Can anyone put some lights on it ?

Any help is deeply aceepted.

With Thanks