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    Unanswered: Change date format in a table....?

    Hello All,

    I have an easy one for you guys....

    A table (Bugzilla-installation) which was created in MySQL, uses the following (default I guess?) date format:


    We would like to change this to:


    What is important though, is that the change is made on the TABLE ITSELF and not that the query manipulates the date before insertion.

    Anybody can give me a hand?

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    The manual spells out the following regarding the format of Date values stored in mysql tables (

    "Although MySQL tries to interpret values in several formats, it always expects the year part of date values to be leftmost. Dates must be given in year-month-day order (for example, '98-09-04'), rather than in the month-day-year or day-month-year orders commonly used elsewhere (for example, '09-04-98', '04-09-98'). "

    ...which would mean that you are unable to store dates according to the format you desire.

    Obviously retrieving dates from mysql in the format you desire is straightforward.

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