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    Unanswered: Replication in XP home

    Please help!!

    I have recently installed ms sql on my system and I am trying to replicate my machine which happens to be a compaq laptop which is running xp home edition. The publisher machine can see my server however gives me an invalid subscription error. I have been told that it might be due to the fact the the laptop is on xp home, would this be a problem???????

    please get back to me, anyone.,.much appreciated!!!!


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    What version of SQL Server did you install? Check for version/OS compability.

    If your version of SQL Server is compatible with XP home I would also suggest looking at the account that SQL Server is using to login. If it is using the local system account then I will not be able to talk to other servers on the domain.


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    tried that

    hi thanks for coming back to me, ive checked the version and its ok. plus i can connect to the publisher and also to other servers. esp to another laptop that is running xp prof, and that does not seem to have a problem replicating. however i cannot connect to other servers running windows 2k. ive checked the sql account and username and password is the same as the other laptop./

    the error i get when i try and connect to another server:

    login failed for user 'sa' not associated with a trusted sql server

    would it be because i this one is not logged into a domain??

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