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    Unhappy Unanswered: Can I store a file in a SQL Server Database?

    I have SQL Server 2000 and I have to make a table for storing Word, Excel or maybe some other Microsoft Office files. What data type should I use for this? Can I search through the stored files by words in a stored documents using a query and how?
    Also the database where this table is created should provide similar functionality as a file server open, edit, check in, and check out on stored files. Can I do this in SQL Server 2000?

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    Re: Can I store a file in a SQL Server Database?

    As fare as I know, SQL Server has no specific support for office files.

    So, you have the choice between re-inventing the functionality of document information systems, or to buy some. These systems are storing office files as BLOBs to keep all controls, and they are storing the text in a separate TEXT field to enable searching.

    However, there is a third way: store only the path to the documents on your netwerk, and use Office's functionality to prevent users to open the same document twice.
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