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    Thumbs down Unanswered: Read Regedit witch Forms6i?

    How to read the default mail programm into the regedit witch Forms6i?

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    If your question is really, how can the registry entries be read
    from Oracle Forms 6i ??

    You'll want to obtain the latest version of the D2KW library. This
    will permit access to registry key values if you know where they
    reside. The library also has alot of support to launch other Windows
    applications (virtually making the OLE2 library undesirable) and other
    client-side support functions. Exception handling routines for this
    library is really nice too.

    Note the installation requirements if you are to use this. The library
    should be stored in a path recognized by your $ORACLE_HOME
    path, otherwise you'll need to add a registry key that identifies the
    stored path to support the library.

    Complete installation guidelines are available (including a demo form)
    from the downloadable "zip" file from Oracle. The desired file is

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