I created a ODBC DSN on my Windows Server for a remote UNIX box MySQL database. The TEST button returns the 'successful' message for the MySQL databaser. Also, when I use an ODBC DSNless string I found, that also successfully connects when I use it in some ASP pages.

However, I can not get a successful connection in the Enterprise Manager trying to use the DSN I created nor the DSNless string I used in the ASP pages. Can anyone tell me how to config the Enterprise Manager Linked Server settings listed below to connect to the MySQL database(s).

I added a new linked server, and selected the Microsoft OLEDB Provider for ODBC Drivers as the Provider name.

Does anyone know how do I configure the items below:

On the General tab:" option.
Product Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Data Source: xxxxxxx
Provider String: xxxxxxxx
Location: xxxxxxx
Catalog: xxxxx

On the Security tab:" option.
Remote Login: xxxxxx
With password: xxxxxx