I'm trying to port the data from oracle to sql server 2000 using DTS. but i'm not successfull in doing so, i'm trying in two ways to do that.

1. by creating a blank database in sql and create a user and try to port the whole schema from oracle to sql

2. by creating the blank database and creating the blank schema (with table structures etc) and try to port the data from oracle to sql

in the first scenario i'm able to create and populate all the tables in sql with exact data from oracle but the problem is it is not able to create keys (primary, foreign etc) - it is b'cos those are stored in system tables rather than the user tables, is there any ohter way to do that?

if we come to the second scenario, i'm able to populate some of the tables, it is giving errors for all the other tables, it is b'cos it is trying to populate the tables which are in alphabetical order by name of the tables, so DTS is not good enough to see which table is parent and which is child table, so referential integrity is failing,

i don't know how to can i make this happen, the main problem is we are having around 160 tables so it is not practically possible to see manually the ER diagram and import data table by table. can any body tell me what i'm missing here and any other way to do the porting the data from oracle to sql server 2000 in better way.