I am currently working on a job application using MSSQL2000, Dreamweaver MX and ASP. I got 4 section for the application; Administrator, Client, Company, Institutions. The aministrator is the one who controls everything, The client can view jobs, view academic offers from institutions and create a resume online. The company can post job offers and the institutions can post their academic offers.
The thing is that I want to be able to log as a client and see my profile, my info, my resume, ect...
When I log as as a client I can see the information that is in firts line of the database table and not the information of that client. I want to be able to see different profiles for companies, institutions and clients.

If anyone can tell me what should I do to fix this please help. I got different users and passwords for everyone to access the application and still I can the see the info for that person