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    Unanswered: Pivot Tables from Non-OLAP Databases?

    Is it possible to create a Pivot Table while doing a webquery off of a Non-OLAP enabled MS SQL 2000 database? Here is the problem tho, I want the pivot tables to honor the Hierarchy (example, in the selection of the dimensions, if I pick USA I can expland USA and see all of the States, then pick PA and expland it and pick all of the Cities).

    I have only been able to do this multi-level when a pivot table is created off of an OLAP piece.. PLEASE tell me there is a work around for this.

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    I've embedded pivot tables in web pages that link directly to views in the database. The view must supply all the dimensions required, but then you get functionality similar to (but not exactly the same as) pivot tables in MS Excel.


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