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    Unanswered: Write Error...cant find it -file attached

    I have a write error that generates on the form 00-PRall when a Proposed Vendor is selected. Izyrider has been kind enough to help me generate the controls on the buttons in VB to prevent incorrect vendor entries and run an append or update as needed. The append wont make sense unless you understand that a few of the tables in this version of the db are usually extremely large linked tables. For ease of your review I dropped in the tables with teaser data so the db will function without the missing links.

    The text boxes/buttons controls that generally seem to be causing the error are:

    Button: NewVendWkst
    TextBox: NewVend
    Button: CurrVendWkst
    TextBox: CurrVend

    Im guessing its either a subform or relational problem that I am overlooking. I am dead in the water if I cant get this error fixed because the testing and review of this db is supposed to start on tuesday of next week =(. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

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