I want to export my database to a new server. I ran the export:

mysqldump -u "user" -p "passwd" --opt my_db > my_db.sql

However, when I run the sql on the new server I get the following error:

ERROR 1064 at line 660: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' ܧ' = ܧ' ܧ' =

I looked into the dump file, and the table has a longtext column. The data dump for this table looks like garbage:

D^H\x81ܰܰܰ^Ee^H\x81ܰܰܰ^En^H\x81 ܰܰ^F^L򨲰
ܰܰܰ^Dܰܰܰܰ^Gܰܰ0^L ^D^Cܰܰܰ^C^H\x81ܰܰܰ^D

Am i out of luck with the export? Should I try mysqlhotcopy instead?

I'm very new to Mysql. THanks for your help