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    Unanswered: backup and recovery question

    We receive fresh data loads nitely if I take a full online backup each day after the load completes, if it takes hours to restore the database what good what it be for us to use the backup if the data cannot be restored quickly on time? Another issue is that files often come late even though the 05:30am window is supposed to be met each day. My DBA manager wants a fast backup method that will allow us to perform a restore of the database in a very short time window to meet our tight deadlines. Basically he told me to forget about daily online full backups of the databases if it takes hours to perform a restore of the database. The only thing that I can think of would be to schedule daily online backups of the critical tablespaces that hold essential data and do a full online backup once a week.

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    Re: backup and recovery question

    May be you can use online incremental backup - daily. and full offline backup - weekly.


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    It will cost a lot but I guess the fastest recovery method would be using split mirrors. If the data is critical then I'm not sure going incremental is the way to go. Because, depending on what flavor you implement, in a full restore scenario, you will have to recover the full (online/offline) which is taken weekly.

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