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    Exclamation Unanswered: Materialized Views

    Hi Every 1,

    I have a question related to materialized views. I am using two Oracle 9i Servers and I have created a Materialized view on one server and a Materialized view log on the other server.

    The problem is the Materialized view is not refreshing automatically although it is refreshing manually (The Materialized view status indicated in the Enterprise manager is 'BROKEN'). When I create the Materialized view on the standalone server, it works fine i.e., it refreshes automatically.

    Can any 1 inform me why the status is BROKEN and how do I overcome this problem. Your help will be highly appreciated.

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    shouldn't you refresh from the same side as as your view is on?

    try building your view log on the same side as you want your view on.
    remember to create the log, then the MV
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    In simple replication, the materialized view log (aka snapshot log) has to be on the source/master database. The master database is the only one that knows what changes are happening on the master table(s). It records those changes, since the last refresh, in the log so that at the next refresh only those records need to be replicated. That's the difference between a fast refresh and a full refresh.

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