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    Unanswered: Calculated Fields With Excel Pivot Tables

    I have recently created an an excel report based on an Olap Cube and I now have all of my data organized into a pivot table in excel.
    My only problem now is that I want to perform calculations on two of my measures columns and create a new calculated field column based on the result of those calculations. This sounds very easy to do I know but when I click on the column and select the Pivot table menu -> Formulas -> Calculated Field the Calculated Field option (as well as all of the other formula options) are greyed out. I have run out of ideas to try. I can 't get the Formula menu options to enable on any of my excel applications actually. Does any one have any ideas as to what I can do?


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    Extract from Microsoft Excel 2000 Formulas - John Walkenbach
    "Excel 2000 enables you to use an OLAP database as the source for a pivot table. You can't however, create calculated fields or items ina pivot table based on an OLAP database"

    Sorry about that, but perhaps you could try using some VBA codes to add this to the pivot table (my expertise in this area are not any help to you-again sorry).

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    Thanks for your explanation, according to the book's quotation !
    This is what I thought would happen with a pivot table's functionality when reading data from a olap database. But I tried in an other way, which was to create an OFF-LINE CUBE. Even in this case it didn't work, and this didn't make any sense, thus the book say anything about this ?


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