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    Unanswered: DB2 codeset problem


    Thanks in anticipation for your help.

    I have some java code that is parsing a resultset returned from a select to an OS/390 DB2 database table. Everything is fine, until I try and retrieve the 'clob' column from the resultset with the following code:

    reflistBatchVO.setTransQuery(resultSet.getString(3 ).getBytes());

    The error message returned (in Norwegian !) is:

    [29.08.03 16:11:59:415 CEST] 47e620b2 SystemOut U 29082003 16:11:59,415 FATAL no.bbs.order.dao.JDBCOrderDAO: [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2] SQL0332N Det er ingen tilgjengelig konvertering fra kildekodesettet "277" til målkodesettet "1208". Årsakskode = "1". SQLSTATE=00000

    Which roughly translated is:

    There is no available conversion for the source code page "277" to the target code page "1208", Reason code "1"

    I'm not a DB2 man at all but the various messages I have found regarding this error suggest that there's a problem with the server's ability to convert from code page 277 (Norwegian) to 1208 (UTF-8).

    I guess the DBA needs to implement a conversion file (IBM00277.ucs from what I can see), but does anyone know why I am only seeing this problem when accessing 'clob' columns ? Why don't I get the same code page conversion issues when accessing strings, which also contain Norwegian characters ?

    The application server I am using is Websphere 4.0.

    John Green.

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    Please give more info about version of db2 you have, operating system name and version, etc.

    Please also read the Must Read before posting for more tips how to write efficient question.

    Hope this helps,

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