Hi all.

I'm a bit of a DB2 n00b, so sorry if this has been asked before. I read through some of the sticky threads, but no help.

I'm using DB2 8.1 FP 2 on solaris 5.9 I'm trying to get it working to use WebSphere MQ Business Integrator V5.

I've been told that it is a fresh install.

I 'SU' to the instance (db2inst1). I've set it to auto run the db2profile file.

I then type db2 start database manager and I get:

$ db2 start database manager
SQL1032N No start database manager command was issued. SQLSTATE=57019

I believe that this is telling me that my instance isn't running? Correct?

So, I try to start the instance using db2start, and this is returned:

$ db2start
SQL1072C The database manager resources are in an inconsistent state. DB2 may have been incorrectly terminated, or another application may be using system resources in a way which conflicts with DB2's use of system resources. System resource cleanup may be required.

I'm stuck. I've check the processes, and the only one running with DB2 is db2fmcd. I even stopped this in /etc/inittab as it was respawning, and this didn't help.

This is a fresh install of DB2 (as far as I know).

How do I sort this out? I could do without having to re-install it.

Thanks. (I'm in the UK, so I might not be able to reply until Monday)