I have a question, I have a Merge replicated db located on
SERVER A (“This is an older box that I would like to retire”)

I have a new SERVER B (“10x the power and storage of server a”)

There are 22 subscribers located all over the US to this database.
The Publisher and Distributor are both located on Server A.

I want to take a retire Server A and move everyone to Server B, I want this to be as painless as possible. Having said that is there a way for me to do this with out dropping the subscriptions and re-subscribing this database is now over 4 GIG and as we use VPN over DSL in most locations it is next to imposable to initialize a subscription over the wan. We use this data base in real-time for payrolling of our company so my only down time is around 9pm – 3am 7 days a week.