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    Unanswered: ERROR: "Type mismatch in expression"

    I tried to load a database today and keep getting the "Type mismatch in expression" error message, and the database will not load. All my other databases load fine. Any suggestions, as I am very new with ACCESS programming... and except for running queries, I had not made any changes to the code before this problem started happening!


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    mismatched data type

    You mean this error message comes up as soon as you launch the database, before you even do anything?

    It sounds like a query has been set to run automatically at startup, and there's a mismatched link in that query. (You get this "mismatched data type" error message when you attempt to run a query that links tables on fields that are incompatable--for instance, if you try and link a text field to a number field).

    If the database just flat-out won't load, then I don't know what to tell you. But, if you're able to "OK" past the error message, go to Tools > Startup and see if anything is set to run on startup. If there is, make a note of it, and then select "none" as set to run. Then go investigate the item that was set to run automatically and see which links are mismatched.


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    Cool Re: ERROR: "Type mismatch in expression"

    Try open the mdb holding the Shift key. Then check if there is a macro called autoexec. If you find something like that rename it, delete it or try to fix it. Also check if a form loads onopen your mdb and see the Form_Load and Form_Open procedures for errors. Check these lines if they exist with F8

    If problem send me your mdb.

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