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    Question Unanswered: CLI0114E error while no date/time insertion at all

    Hi, there,

    I am in an desperately need for help in this issue. I got the error below while users are accessing my application,

    Error Message: [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0114E An invalid datetime format was detected; that is, an invalid string representation or value was specified. SQLSTATE=22007

    They got this error even at the login page, but no time/date/timestamp insertion to database at all. We restarted the server, but after one or two success try, this error happens again. And this application has over 2000 users. It runs smoothly last week, and suddenly error occurs. Is it possible that the error is occurred when the database is writing transaction log? BUt login only needs to read data, and does database write log for read-only transaction?

    Any suggestion is welcome. YOur quick reponse is greatly appreciated.


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    Please give more info about version of db2 you have, operating system name and version, etc.

    Please also read the Must Read before posting for more tips how to write efficient question.

    Hope this helps,

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