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    Unanswered: When using "exit sqlcode", OpenVMS $status doesn't seem to mean anything.

    When my SQL script terminates and returns control to the operating system, the value of $status seems to have no relation to the value of SQLCODE. For example, for a SQL script which I know should raise the NO_DATA_FOUND condition, resulting in a SQLCODE value of -1403,
    the integer value of $status when the SQL script terminates is as shown:

    ROGERS$ show sym $status
    $STATUS == "%X10000002"
    ROGERS$ x==%X10000002
    ROGERS$ show sym x
    X == 268435458 Hex = 10000002 Octal = 02000000002

    I tried looking for a constant offset, but there doesn't seem to be any. Another SQL script which I know should terminate successfully returns a $status of 1.

    How can I make sense of this?

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    test watch function

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